Monday, August 23, 2010


Now that I'm back to feeling like myself again I must tell you about the latest and last addition to the list of feline residents here.

Miley is a couple of years old and when she was a kitten some nasty person threw her out the window of a moving car. She was badly hurt and had to have one of her legs taken off by the vet to save her life. Despite only having three legs she gets around pretty well though she has a tough time jumping up onto window sills, tables, dressers, and beds. Sometimes Ma or Pa have to help her get where she wants to go if it's too high for her to reach.

We know she's a tough kitty because she grew up in a house with dogs! Living in a house like that gives her some advantages, particularly when it comes to dealing with Henry. Henry can be a bit of a bully at times, but Miley will have none of that. More than once she's put him in his place, driving him off and chasing him until he finds someplace high to perch where she can't get to him.

Another thing Miley learned while growing up with dogs? She's bilingual. She speaks both cat and dog!! [I can attest to that, hearing her 'woof' when she's hungry and wants to be fed. - Hilda's Pa]

While Miley isn't fluffy like me she's still cute. She has nice eyes and likes to flop just like Minnie. But unlike Minnie I think she flops because sometimes she forgets she's missing a leg and tries to stand on it.

I had to delay posting this because it was difficult for either Ma or Pa to get any decent pictures of Miley but Pa finally managed to snap a couple of quick ones so now you'll be able to see what she looks like.

And here's another one of her poking her head out of one of what Ma an' Pa call “cat condos”:

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