Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Been A Little Crazy Around Here

It's been a little bit crazy around here the past few days, let me tell you!

First, the round headed cat has changed his schedule, waking up later in the morning than he has since last spring. He also comes back in from outside earlier than he has for some time. I have no idea why he'd do that! (Our son has gone back to school, meaning he gets up later than he does when he's working at the farm. He also gets home far earlier for the same reason. - Hilda's Pa)

Second, there were strange humans in the house today, making all kinds of noise around the big metal box that gives off such wonderful heat when it's cold outside. There were banging sounds and whirring sounds, it smelled like old burnt wood, and there was really fluffy dirt in the box too. (But the dirt wasn't nearly as fluffy as me!)

Pa and the round headed cat spent a lot of time in the garage stacking pieces of trees. Pa says the pieces will help keep us warm when it gets really cold outside. I like that. There's nothing more I like to do on a cold day than lying in front of the metal box to keep warm.

All the windows have been closed for days, making it difficult to lay in the sun. I don't know why Ma an' Pa do that when it's so nice and warm outside!

At least I haven't had to worry about being brushed. It's one of my favorite things next to eating, sleeping, and getting scratched under my chin. Brushing helps my fur to be nice and fluffy and keeps me from getting too many hairballs. Ma brushes me almost every day, and sometimes Pa does too. It's nice to be fluffy!

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