Monday, September 27, 2010

She's Going To Spoil It For All Of Us

It pains me to say this: Miley spoiled it for all of us.

Why do I say that? Because she'll climb up into Pa's lap or the round-headed cat's lap, make herself comfortable, and doze all while getting her ears scratched or her fur stroked. To make it worse, she'll be purring the whole time. And she'll do that for hours!

As much as I'd like to do the same thing for that long, I haven't been able to. At best I can manage 15 minutes. I mean I like being in Pa's lap and being brushed and having my chin scratched and all. But I don't fit on his lap very well. It's not that I'm fat because I'm not. (She isn't, really. She is very fluffy, but she's not fat. – Hilda's Pa) I'm just bigger than Miley and I have all four legs. Being a lot smaller than the rest of is and only having three legs she fits on Pa's lap better than anyone except maybe Minnie, and Minnie isn't all that interested in sitting in his lap. ( That's true. Minnie is not a lap cat. She's a shoulder cat, not unlike Miss-Miss. - Hilda's Pa)

Just yesterday Miley spent almost 3 hours in Pa's lap and another 2 in the round-headed cat's lap! She's going to spoil them and they'll come to expect it from all of us. All we want is to be petted, brushed, and to get scratched on our ears or under our chins once a day or so. We don't need to lie down on their laps to get all of that. But because of her we're likely to get less of it unless we're in Ma or Pa's lap. Thi isn't good at all.

First, she drinks from the toilet. And now this!

Way to go, Miley....

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