Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The next member of the household I have to tell you about is Charlotte.

She's a Maine Coon Cat, just like me. She's also grumbly, meaning the only one she gets along with all the time is Pa. (Personally I think it's because she's old, like Bagheera. But she won't tell us how old she is.)

Charlotte was found by a friend of Ma an' Pa's in an abandoned house. Her family had moved out and left her behind to fend for herself. Ma an' Pa's friend, Julie, took Charlotte to her home to stay with her, but she didn't fit in all that well. You see, Julie has dogs! (How any self respecting person can think that dogs are better than cats escapes me.) So after a few weeks Ma an' Pa told their friend they'd take her in.

It's taken a long time for her to settle in, but she pretty much used to almost all of us now. The only exceptions are Cole and Henry.

Cole, being the nurturing kind of cat he is (at least Ma says so) has tried to play with her and groom her, but she's having none of that. Henry, on the other hand, has run and jumped at her every time he's had a chance. That might explain why she doesn't roam around all that much unless she knows where Henry is.

And something else a little weird about her: she sleeps in the kitchen! Ma an' Pa have even set up her bed on one end of the kitchen counter and that's where she sleeps. The kitchen is hers and she lets everyone know it. She even claims the window above the kitchen sink as hers, too! See what I mean?

She takes the whole window and won't let anyone else use it. That's not nice.

And another thing: she isn't nearly as pretty as me. She won't even let Ma or Pa brush her, meaning her fur is kinda ratty with all kinds of tangles and lumps. How silly is that?

See, here's a close-up of her. As you can see she needs a serious brushing!

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