Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some News

It's apparent to anyone reading Hilda's little blog that she hasn't posted for a while. This is because she was quite under the weather. In fact, we had to take her to the emergency veterinary clinic because she was so sick.

She was severely dehydrated due to some kind of intestinal ailment that made it impossible for her to keep down any food or water for over three days. She was given IV fluids and antibiotics, had a number of x-rays taken, and received other treatments there and at her regular vet the day following her admittance to the emergency care clinic.

I am happy to report that she is now home, looking and feeling much better. We're still keeping an eye on her, monitoring her food and water intake and making sure she's comfortable.

The only complaint we've heard from her is the indignity she suffered from having to have some of her fur shaved off in order for the vet to administer her meds and IV fluids.

Somehow we think she'll get over it.

-Hilda's Pa

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