Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's time for me to continue introducing you to the members of our family, so let's get to it.

The next one I have to tell you about is Minnie. She's a shelter kitty just like me and Cole, but she came from a different shelter. Ma an' Pa found her a long way from here. She was only a few months old when she arrived at the shelter, being a kitty of divorce. At first Ma wasn't to sure about her but Pa was the one who convinced Ma to take her home.

She was skinny, with long legs, a long tail, big ears, and not a lot of fur. But she fit right in. Even though she's now fully grown she's still a bit wee, earning her the nickname of “Minnie-ature”, among others.

The one thing that everyone says about her is “She's nice!” because she is. Even Charlotte and Bagheera think so.

There are a couple of things that set her apart from the rest of us.

First, she flops. I mean she'll be walking along and then decide, for no reason I can figure out, to flop over on her side, waiting for someone to scratch her back or tummy. She does that a lot.

She's the only one of us that drinks out of the faucet. She doesn't like the water bowl or the magic water fountain. She has to drink from Ma an' Pa's bathroom faucet. Nothing else will do.

On cold nights she'll crawl under the covers of Ma an' Pa's bed and snuggle up to Pa's tummy or Ma's feet. She also likes to crawl on top of Ma's computer monitor when it's on to stay warm.

She's also the best of us at riding on Pa's shoulder. I'm pretty good, too, but she's the best at it. Cole likes to do it too, but doesn't do it very well and sometimes Pa has to help him stay in place.

See what I mean? Doesn't she look nice?

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