Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cast Of Characters

I know.

It's been a long time.

I've been busy.

But after talking it over with Ma and Pa, I decided it's time to start letting you in on the goings on around here. There have been a number of changes since the last time I wrote anything.

The biggest change is that we now have two more cats living here. I'll get to that in a minute. One thing I have to do first is introduce the other cats living here with me an' Ma an' Pa. So here goes.

First, there's Bagheera (also known as Bagheera The Magnificent on another blog). He's the old guy among us, constantly grumbling about the rest of us “young whippersnappers showing no respect to their elder.” I think he just enjoys complaining about us.

Next, there's Cole. He got here before me, but I don't hold that against him. As Ma says, he's the nurturer, making sure we're all clean.

Then there's Minnie. She's nice! She's also a bit wee, meaning she's kinda small. She also doesn't have much fur, at least not like me or the rest of us.

Minnie is followed by the twins, Henry and Pip. Henry's something of a bruiser, big an' strong, sorta. Pip is also a bit small like Minnie. She has spots, an' thumbs, and a short tail. She's also kinda roundy-round (But we don't talk about that!)

Now we're down the last two, Charlotte and Mylie.

Charlotte is a Maine Coon Cat just like me (but she's not as pretty or as fluffy). She joined us last year after a friend of Ma and Pa's found her all alone in a house where the family had moved away. She was all by herself and had been alone for over a month before she was rescued. She's kinda old like Bagheera and grumbles just like he does. Ma calls her “The Queen Of The Kitchen” because that's where she spends all of her time. She even sleeps there!

Mylie joined us just a little over a month ago. She looks a little funny because she only has three legs! (I try not to stare, but it's not easy.) Charlotte keeps telling me that she must have had it bitten off because she lived in a house with dogs! And not one dog, but three dogs! How horrible!

I promise to have pictures of them all the next time or two.

Bye for now!

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