Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Long Overdue Update

You will have to excuse Hilda as she's been swamped with all kinds of work. One of her biggest projects has been helping a new member of the household get settled in and adapt to her new family.

Since Hilda's last entry we've taken in another Maine Coon Cat named Charlotte.

Charlotte's story is a sad one, she being abandoned by her family when the bank foreclosed on their home. Charlotte wasn't the only animal abandoned at the house, there also being two dogs and two horses left behind. It wasn't until a friend of ours, a real estate agent out towards the New Hampshire seacoast, was hired by the bank to sell the home. She found Charlotte when she went into the house to prepare it for listing. Our friend doesn't know how long she and the others were left alone.

It's been a long (and still ongoing) process to re-socialize Charlotte. We'll keep you up to date on her progress.

Semi-regular posting will start again in the very near future.

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